The best treadmills for forestry machines.

Olofsfors is a company with more than 250 years of tradition and has the best products for customers who depend on reliable products for the most adverse situations. A versatile treadmill that offers excellent traction and good flotation. The rib design is self-cleaning with optimum strength and anti-slip properties in relation to the tire.

Iggesund Forest:

Sabers, developed with operator focus!

Extremely rigid and durable;

Strength and flexibility;
Great width for maximum stability.


Forest Tires, Forwarders, Harvesters and Feller Buncher:

Designed to provide better performance in the forest, ensuring high traction and excellent flotation, minimizing damage to soil structure.


The Swiroll is designed to be installed in harvester terminals or turning accessories. This spherical hydraulic joint allows hydraulic hoses to move freely to the sides, increasing the reliability of the hydraulic system; Reducing the downtime of the machine, consumption of oil and hose; As well as improving hose protection against operational hazards.


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