Timber Forest is an enterprise from Rodoparan´┐Ż Group, engaged in the development of forestry mechanization in Brazil for 15 years. With extensive experience, it has a structure in the three southern states of Brazil, with skilled mechanics, parts inventory and a complete line of products for customized forestry solutions. With headquarters sector operations in Curitiba - PR, Timber Forest sells, installs and offers services maintenance the best forestry equipment in the world market.

Exclusive brand dealer, Timber Forest operates throughout Brazil with Satco and three southern states to Ponsse and Palfinger Forestry.

With a wide range of products for modern and sustainable forest mechanization operations, it also has an extensive stock of spare parts for its forest equipment, Timber Forest aims to ensure a high operational availability to customers, always with technicians constant updating, being trained and equipped with the most advanced tools for product support.

With all these features, Timber Forest stands out as one of the most important companies of machinery and forestry equipment in brazilian market and leader in southern Brazil.


Provide excellence to market demands, the development and supply of reliable and innovative products and services that contribute to improving quality of life, generating wealth in a sustainable way for owners and staff.


Be benchmark, recognized as the best option for the customers, employees, community, suppliers and investors, the quality and innovation of our products as well as excellence in our post-sales.


Human enhancement