New branch of Timber Forest in Lages – SC and Field trip

With full focus in the south of Brazil, Timber Forest held on October 7 and 8 (2015) two days of field trips with demonstration of ScorpionKing, new tire harvester from PONSSE (an event that is part of ScorpionTour that runs in Latin America demonstrating the new machine) the event had about 300 people at the Rincão farm in the municipality of Correa Pinto - SC. Timber made the inauguration of its new branch in Lages - SC, a beautiful 2,700m² (square meters) store that has six (6) specialized professionals and an investment that surpasses the house of 5 million reais in infrastructure and inventory parts . Which included representatives and local entrepreneurs and the CEO for Latin America of PONSSE (Teemu Raitis).