Timber Forest and Ponsse Brasil lead client group to ElmiaWood 2017

On 05/06, Ponsse Brasil and Timber Forest Official Dealler of Ponsse in south Brazil, travelled with a group of clients for visitation in the World's Largest Forest Fair, Elmia Wood 2017.

The trip began with a two-day stop at Frankfourt (Germany) where they were greeted by Lucas Herzog who introduced the company "Herzog Forest" and the partnership established with Ponsse around the world. On 06/06 (Tuesday), two visits were made to the field, firstly with a synchronized winch operation attached to Ponsse harvester and forwarder , and finally a special visit, where brazilian customers had the honor of knowing beforehand a new equipment that was officially launched a day later (07/06) at Elmia Wood 2017, the HERZORG MW500 an external winch for Ponsse machines.

After the visit in Germany, they traveled to Stockholm (Sweden) from where they went for a two-day visit to Elmia Wood 2017 in Jönköping, to learn more about the forestry sector in the 2017 edition of the dynamic fair, which had 555 exhibitors , 41,834 thousand visitors, 7 km of forest trail and 131,000 m2 of demonstration area where forest machines were shown in operation.

On Saturday (10/06) all our personnel began the journey from Jönköping to Vieremä (Finland), by ship on a crossing of the Baltic Sea. On Monday 12/06, they knew the Ponsse headquarters and the factory enlargement, in addition to the Parts Logistics Center. On the factory visit, customers were welcomed by Juha Vidrgren (President of Ponsse's Board), after this a tour to the factory and visitation to the Ponsse's Field of Testing, where all the equipment before being delivered are properly tested.