Training and qualification of operators in Simulator

For years, Timber has been concentrating efforts to contribute positively to the growth of the forest sector in southern Brazil. The number of embedded equipment, machinery and technologies has been increasing significantly each year. Timber has a new feature in 2018 to add even more to operator training, product sales and especially machine productivity, the Ponsse Virtual Reality Simulator.

The Ponsse simulator for Harvester and Forwarder gives the instructor the possibility to create training scenarios according to the operator's reality and to practice in a technical way through exercises related to the harvest, significantly improving the operator's abilities.

With the simulator it is possible to create different loading and unloading situations, improving operator performance and bringing it from basic to more complex exercises with uneven surfaces and multiple assortments.

After learning the basics of crane manipulation and harvester head control, the operator can control tree felling. Performing directional felling exercises where the operator drops a number of trees in a certain direction, preparing the operator for a safer and more effective harvesting.

The simulator creates written reports and graphs that allow to monitor the progress of the operators and their energy efficiency avoiding waste of fuel consumption and loss of productivity with wasted crane and machine movements. This includes: the time consumed per activity, the distance traveled by the crane during the exercise as well as the position of the log after the training is completed. The Opti4G system also provides reports of harvested timber and working hours.