SY245 24.5 ton excavator are designed with reinforced structure, high efficiency, high fuel efficiency and low environmental impact and maintenance costs, suitable for medium-sized earthwork.

High Output, Best Choice for Mining Excavator 

Based on the SY245H model, the work equipment, undercarriage and frame have been reinforced to meet the rigorous requirements for mining applications.

Adopting 30T structure frame, the overall contour is concise and tough, fully shows the fortitude image of mining excavator.

Excellent Performance 

With the AOCT (Auto Optimization Control Technology), the main pump can perfectly match the engine output power. This improves the working efficiency by 5%. 

Through optimizing match, the utilization is improved, its stability is kept, then its digging efficiency is much better than others in its tonnage. This machine has strong power and high digging efficiency.

Superior Reliability 

After 3000 hours of mining operations, the reliability is considered leading level.

According to special work condition of mine, key structure parts are used high strength steel. We have also designed and developed impact resistance structure. Adopting advanced manufacture and welding technology, process of automobile assembly line. Developing kay parts like engine, pump and valve with global famous manufacturers. Combined with long term multi-condition durable system certification, this machine has stable quality and high reliability.

Ultra Low Maintenance Costs 

Filter replacement and maintenance at your fingertips. The easy access reduces maintenance costs.

Equipped with HPCR (High pressure common rail) engine and advanced positive flow electrical control hydraulic system. Through reasonable flow distribution and accurate power matching control, the machine has big digging force and low fuel consumption. Its fuel consumption is 10% lower than similar models.  


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