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Plans for prevention and equipment maintenance
TIMBER FOREST has a large stock of original parts and a specialized team of mechanics who are always constantly updated, being trained with equipment of the most advanced tools for preventive solution and maintenance.

Gold program

It is the most complete option to ensure maximum performance and availability of your equipment. In addition to the monthly inspection and oher services, it also includes an exclusive service at any time and day of the month when the machine is stopped.

Silver program

It is excellent for your equipment to keep working so practice and planned. With this plan, you get a monthly inspection and more a call to repair irregularities and defects in equipment.

Bronze program

It is the most practical and safe way of preventive maintenance for your equipment. With it you perform a monthly inspection, necessary to confirm irregularities and defects of your equipment before the problem agrave. If a problem is detected that requires measures not provided, inform before a cost estimate of the proposed measures.

100% oil analyses

Analysis and oil filtering help prevent mechanical failures and extend the life of your equipment, monitoring and using filtration system to ensure clean your oil and the best equipment performance.

Analyses process
Results interpretation
Active interpretation
Management report
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